"Shocking exposé...not a partisan film."

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Broke: The New American Dream

Broke The New American Dream

Don't be fooled by the title -- this film is TREND FOLLOWING. It premiered on The Documentary Channel® and was shot in 13 major cities on three continents. Top traders Larry Hite, Jim Rogers, David Harding, Mark Mobius and Bill Miller appear offering timeless wisdom. Nobel Prize winners Harry Markowitz and Vernon Smith also appear.


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Michael Covel

Michael Covel is president of Trend Following™, a privately owned research firm with clients in more than 70 countries. He is the four-time bestselling author of The Little Book of Trading, Trend Commandments, The Complete TurtleTrader, and the classic Trend Following. His books have been translated into 10+ languages and Trend Following was named best trading book of the last 15 years.

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Michael Covel

Broke: The New American Dream

Get Broke: The New American Dream

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Director Michael Covel traveled 75,000 miles over three continents to find moneymaking solutions for everyone-even when markets are crashing. Face-to-face with Nobel prize winners to pro poker players to great traders, Covel breaks new ground in trend following trading, human psychology & behavioral finance by answering: how did we get here & how can we turn it around? Want to know how millions are made in up & down markets? Want to know how fortunes are made when most of the world implodes? Get real solutions beyond the chaos & noise of the 24-hour spin cycle. Fast-paced, informative, & honest; this is a smart narrative with a timeless edge. There is a solution that doesn't require a crystal ball, The Federal Reserve or Congress. This controversial & original film reveals how the winners do it in the face of constant uncertainty. Ignore Covel's filmmaking at your financial peril.

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